Do you suffer from migraines,
neck, shoulder or back pain?
Osteopathic treatment can help
resolve these problems.

Welcome to Chris Harcombe Osteopath, conveniently located in Central Auckland.

Hi, I am Chris Harcombe Osteopath, welcome to my clinic. If you are suffering from back painheadaches, neck or shoulder pain and it has been bothering you for a while, osteopathic treatment can help resolve these musculoskeletal issues.

No need to be nervous, when you come to my clinic you are in safe hands. Osteopaths undergo a rigorous 5 year degree to ensure we can treat you correctly. We follow a systematic approach that involves a thorough spinal assessment, to identify the causes to your back pain, forming an accurate diagnosis and then treatment plan.

At Harcombe Osteopathic clinic we care about your health and wellbeing. If you are after a convenient, gentle and effective solution to your neck, shoulder or back pain, contact the clinic to make an appointment today.


From the occasional and mild to the truly awful, headache is invisible but debilitating.

Back Pain

With our Western lifestyle, most people will suffer with back pain at some time in their lives.


Pregnant or Post-partem mothers can benefit from osteopathy, restoring balance and integrity.

Sports Injury

Chris specializes in mechanics of the spine and pelvis and has worked with a number of dancers in the UK.

“I went to see Chris in my third trimester and was suffering from chronic low back and hip pain. After only two gentle treatments I was almost pain free! If you are suffering pregnancy discomfort, I would recommend a visit to Chris, the relief was amazing!”

Laura Huntley  |  ‘Head of Talent & Development’