Pregnancy Discomfort

Osteopathic treatment for pregnancy is a gentle way of easing pregnancy pains as the body adapts to the physical changes which are taking place. Low back pain, sciatica and pubic symphysis dysfunction can be relieved with osteopathic treatment.

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Pregnancy is a time of incredible change within a woman’s body. Her posture, spinal curves and centre of gravity alter to accommodate the growing foetus and the extra 20 lb plus of extra weight. Hormonal changes cause ligaments to soften, which is necessary for the pelvis to be able to open to allow the safe passage of the babies head – but this softening can also be problematic as it’s easier to injure yourself. Back and pelvic pain are not a “normal” part of pregnancy.

The body if aligned has the ability to cope with the extra stresses and postural strains relatively pain free. Pain is a sign that the body is having difficulty adjusting to a new position due to previous spinal and pelvic problems that may have been symptom free before pregnancy, but are now causing discomfort. All pregnant women would benefit from treatment as we help the body adapt to the changes in posture, reducing the strain placed on the body.

Our aim is to help the expectant Pregnancy to have a comfortable pregnancy and a positive birth experience with minimum intervention.


Osteopathy is also extremely beneficial post natal. We recommend a check up after approximately 6 weeks unless you have serious pain.

We can help with re-establishing normal structural alignment, and therefore aiding faster recovery. Unresolved childbirth stresses and strains in women can lead to stress incontinence / chronic back pain / pelvic girdle pain / constipation / headaches / period problems / difficulty conceiving another child if the body is out of balance.

Osteopathy can help the Pregnancy to recover and return to normal, by releasing tensions and strains from the pregnancy and labour so that she is free to enjoy her new baby.

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