Sciatica is pain that may start in the lower back and extend down one or both legs. Often aggravated when sitting of standing for long periods, but improved with movement.

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The Symptoms

The pain can be sharp or dull, with or without pins and needles or numbness. The pain can get worse if you sit or stand for a long period of time, or lying on your back. The pain is often relieved by changing position or movement.

The Cause

Most commonly caused by a twisted pelvis. The muscles of the buttocks and legs contract to protect the pelvis, putting pressure on the nerves, creating irritation, inflammation and pain. Less common is trauma to the lower back causing one or more disks to bulge. This crowds the exiting nerves causing irritation and inflammation. Pain when coughing or sneezing may indicate disk involvement.

The Solution

It's good news, osteopaths are specialists in joint motion and re-alignment. Patients respond well with gentle treatment and management advice. You will receive a thorough examination. We will provide clarity and tell you if we can help. If we think you need further help we will refer you to someone who can.

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